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libretto42 - Libretti management and control during live performance


Developed by experts in subtitling, coupled with the know-how of our IT network specialists, libretto42 is hosted securely in the cloud as a multi-tenant SaaS solution. Also available as desktop application, compatible with all common operating systems, installed on site *.

* MacOS, iOS, Windows X, Linux and Android

libretto42 Editor

Basic functionality & extensions

collaborative translation collaborative
cloudservice (SaaS) cloudservice
share translations share
infotainment with CMS infotainment
with CMS
targeted direct marketing targeted
direct marketing
newsletter integration newsletter integration
direct customer feedback direct customer feedback
catering preorders catering
Libretti erstellen, übersetzen und verwalten

Create, manage and translate:

Intuitive user interface cloudbased collaboration and translation customizeable UI (Dark Mode) Import of various file formats flex-columnsible formatting and positioning fast technical setup export timecodes and formatting sharing with other opera houses

libretto42 Editor

libretto42 enables you to share your own Libretti in multiple languages with other opera houses.

Intuitive user interface for content creation and translation. Possiblility to share, through secure hosting in the cloud. Continous develpment of new features and maximal compatibility to other systems are a key feature of our product.

Sharing2 Sharing1

libretto42 Player

Features & output channels

smart touch displays smart touch displays
activation with timer activation
with timer
remote control smartphone remote control smartphone
WIFI Connection mobile Clients WIFI Connection mobile Clients
integration of signs integration
of signs
surtitle and projections surtitle and
mobile device via app mobile device via app
live streams radio & video live streams
radio & video

Live mode – control subtitles with our player

Any number of languages and more induvidually adjustible Adjustible transition-intervalls Dark Mode during live performance Remote control via smartphone Output on external montiors/screens (e.g. Surtiteling) Stream to mobile devices Subtitles for video streaming Use with radio signals

libretto42 Player
Libretti im Player steuern

With Simax libretto42 translates texts and scenes into sign language using 3D Avatars

In contrast to conventional technologies Simax works with a learning database and sign language professionals for translation into 3D animated sign language.

Avatar einer Diva die gebärdet
Simax Bildschirm mit Avatar

Why do we translate into sign language?

Sign language is more intuitive to read than the written word for most deaf people. Just as hearing people can interpret the spoken word more directly and quickly than the written one. For this reason it is also easier to follow the plot of a play when the scene is translated into signs.

How SIMAX works

Years of experience and thorough analysis lead to our partnership with „Digital Elektronik“.

Industiral standardized components have been used to develop hardware which is individually customizeable to the needs of your environment.


Accessibility and streaming solution

libretto42 supports simultaneous subtitleing to video streams, smartphones and tables. Appropriate apps are available for all App Stores. Accessiblity through individually designd mobile devices. Simmultaneous support for open- and closed caption systems.

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